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About Us

Shalom! My name is Rhoda. I started this small business not knowing what would come of it. My first time using a bath bomb was back around 2008. I purchased a few from a small business and enjoyed them along with their handmade soap. I became busy with life and didn't think about it until I became friends with a young man by the name of Dennis on Instagram (enaturals_nola). I was infatuated by his bath bombs and soaps. I made a purchase and was very pleased. He lives in Louisiana and I'm in North Carolina. So, that wait tore my nerves up lol! I decided that I would still support him and I gave making bath bombs a try. My family, friends and co-workers said, "IT'S A GO!!!" I find making bath bombs very therapeutic and I love to hear how much my family and friends enjoy them. So here I am! 

We handcraft our products with natural and skin loving butters and oils. Our candles are hand poured with safe waxes and beautiful scents. Feel free to look around! We hope that you find a product that you like! Thank you for visiting!


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